Thursday, 11 February 2016

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Xiaomi MiBand - Complete Review


In this blog post you will come across the complete review of MiBand a fitness band introduced by Xiaomi ; a leading telecommunication company operating in China and many other regions.
For me this fitness band is the "BEST". There are many reasons why i called it the "BEST"
You can read the reasons and the complete review below ;
1) Price-:
The first thing which customer  inquires about is the price of the product which he is going to buy. So as a customer when i saw the price of this multi functional fitness band i was totally astound to see that it's price was set at   16.9$ though it is also  available at lower price  at some places . For a person with average income 16.9$ (max) is nothing . In 16.9$ this band does all the things that nike fuel band and fitbit can do (Here I am not demoting them , they are also good )
I chose this because i did not want to spend my valuable money on the bands with above 100$ price which were not much different from this Xiaomi's MiBand.

2)Features -:

Features of this fitness band are far more high than its price . It will be worth to buy this . Starting from the packaging 

  1. This band comes in the cardboard box with plastic sealing .
  2. Inside the box you have the charger , guide book (In Chinese), the main processor and the band(of your desired color ; i bought in black :)
  3. The main processor (Silver piece ) and the band are separate from each other and before the use the processor has to be fitted in the band (Obviously )

After the packaging comes the pure (internal ) specifications and the quirk of this band 

  1. First of all the main distinctive feature of this fitness band is that it records each and every step you have taken in a day and then calculates the distance you have covered in a whole day and the calories burnt in this whole process. It also tells the user's  running and walking distances separately. And keeps the record of every day 
  2. After a day full of hectic routine comes night in which a weary person takes sleep to get fresh for tomorrow. Along with steps this band also keeps the record of your sleep and calculates that how much have you slept in night and SEGREGATE YOUR DEEP SLEEP FROM YOUR LIGHT SLEEP . When i heard of this feature i was literally blown away ,like how ? It measures you sleep and same like walking keeps the record of it 
  3. To keep the record and check your daily activity you do not need to be connected to Wi-Fi or connect your device to computer . You just need a smartphone Android or iOS with Bluetooth and MiFit app (Playstore and Appstore) and your work is done within few seconds . For that you do not need to carry you phone along wherever you go , you can just simply wear the band and when you connect your device with the band via Bluetooth it will sync all the data recorded by the band . 
  4. The most useful feature that i found in this band is when you are in a party or at work where you cannot listen to your phone's ringtone when someone is calling you , if your band is connected to your device via Bluetooth then it will start vibrating with a blue light that will show you that your phone is ringing . You can turn the calling vibration off by simply double tapping the silver area . 
  5. Along with calling you can also set up an  alarm in the MiFit app when its the time your band will start vibrating . It is useful in a way that sometimes we are so deep asleep that we become deaf to our alarm in this case the band will vibrate and you will wake up :) . Provided that you set up the alarm in the app if you set the alarm in your mobile phone's default clock then the band will not vibrate .
  6. You can also connect with your friends and see each others daily activity .  The friends connectivity option is only available for iOS devices . Xiaomi is working to introduce in android MiFit app also .  
  7. This band is very elegant if we talk about its shape . So you can use it both ways for fashion and to keep the record of your daily activities .

This is the complete elaborate review of this fitness band and for these reasons i chose this band .

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Friday, 20 February 2015

How to downgrade your software from iOS8 to iOS7

If you are fed up of your iDevice  because of its slow performance on iOS 8 ,then you have come to the right place . Here you can learn to downgrade your iDevice from iOS8 to iOS7 and can enjoy the same great performance again .

Follow the steps given below -:

 Back Up you Device :

Before Downgrading perform a full back up of your device because all of your data (contacts, media,messages etc.)will  be deleted once you have downgraded your software . make a back up in iTunes .  

Get an .ipsw file of iOS7 for your Phone :

To reinstall iOS7 get an appropriate .ispw file . For example you are going for 7.1.2 you can find it by following the path youruserfolder/Library/iTunes/ and then within a folder called iPad Software Updates, iPhone Software Updates or iPad Software Updates. . 
In case if you are unable to find any file do not worry just make a search of suitable .ipsw file and download it ..........


Open the .ipsw file :

Plug your device into PC or Mac  .Click you device in iTunes . Click on Summary then hold Alt/option key and click Restore ... 

Installing the .ipsw file:

Now go to iOS 7.1.2.ipsw file and click Open. The Mac or PC  will now reinstall iOS 7 on your iPad or iPhone.

Caution : In some case if you get a  message by Apple that this Software is not compatible then that means that you are stuck with iOS 8 but dont be worry that happens rarely .

Good Luck ;)

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

How to make a portable Xbox (Even for Cars)

Have you ever wondered to make your Xbox portable and take it to anywhere you want   even in car on a road trip  and play the games without taking your television along . . Though it will require a power source :) . In this post you will get to know how to make your mobile xbox -:

Things You Need 

1) A Xbox (obviously)

2) Laptop of which ever company (Dell , HP)(A big screen laptop will be appreciated )

3) Hdmi Cable  ( The one that comes with xbox is OK )

4) Hdmi cable connector ( Available at any hardware or electronics shop )
5) Portable rechargeable speakers for better sound result 

How to make 

First  take your Hdmi cable and connect it to the Hdmi cable connector  .
 Connect the other end of Hdmi cable to the Xbox's Hdmi slot . Now connect the end with the cable connector to your laptop / Portable LCD display the slot somewhat looks like this 

Now connect the speakers by inserting the 3.5mm audio wire into the xbox audio hole .

Finally switch the xbox plug into power socket and enjoy :)

And for the car ask any electrician to make you a power cable with a car heater connector . .    Now a days the LCD are pre installed in the new cars so you do not have to take your lappi around just connect the hdmi cable to car's LCD and enjoy playing GTA V or any other game you like :)

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Survivor All Terrain Case for iPhone 6

Protective iPhone 6 Case - Survivor All-Terrain - black - lifestyle
This year again Griffin falls on its buyer expectation with the the introduction of "Survivor All Terrain " case for iPhone 6 . The case is specially designed for those people who are reluctant to take their iPhone to rough and tough area because they are afraid of its damage considering the phone price .

The case is full of protection as written on Griffin Website "Survivor All-Terrain protects your phone from extreme conditions, including drops, dust, sand, rain, impacts, vibration, and a host of other environmental factors. Survivor All-Terrain's 4 layers of protection start with a foam-lined shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad in rugged, shock-absorbing silicone. A built-in screen protector snaps on to seal your touchscreen from the outside environment. Volume and power buttons are covered, and hinged plugs seal the Lightning connector, headphone port, and hold switch.
And, to make it easy to carry, a detachable heavy-duty rotating clip secures your phone to your belt or bag strap."

Features and Compatibility 

1   It  keeps your phone safe when dropped from 2 meters
2    Anti-scratch screen shield protects touchscreen from scratches .
3  Inner crash shell with foamy parts reduces the force  impacts
4  Outer silicone layer absorbs shocks and vibration and thus prevent the corners and screen from shattering .

The price is around $49.99 but amazon is selling it on sale these days 

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Apple New Programming Language "SWIFT" Getting Viral !

Swift ScreenshotSwift is an innovative new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Writing code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and apps run lightning-fast. Read more at  Official Apple

Friday, 9 January 2015

5 important tips for the newbies at blogging!

Blogging is to share your ideas and thought with the world and these days it has become a way of earning for some people whether it is passive earning or active earning. 

Here are some must follow tips for new blog writers -;

1. After you have created your blog and selected a specific topic  eg, Technology  or cooking whatever  stay stick to your selected topic and do not publish the content which is off the topic 

For instance if you have chosen to write on mobile phones then only write about them do not write about printers or laptops :) that was just a random example i know this will not happen to you  

2. Write  your own ideas and views   because the market is demanding for new things . Yes you can take help or copy from somewhere with writing "courtesy"  or "via" at the end . Own words are more appreciated 

3.Be Creative and add images in every blog post because every human being understands well from pictures and are attracted towards color . People will go for a post with less words and more pictures explaining the content written in the post rather than the post full of words but with no illustrations 


4. Submit your Blog to different search engines like Google and Yahoo

Google,SEO,Google Submit,google Search engine ranking

5. Final  Share your Blog on social networking sites like  Facebook and twitter 

Hope you liked it share with your friends